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The National Bar Council of South Africa (formerly known as IAASA), is a voluntary association and was formed to promote the following principles:

  • Encouraging healthy competition between lawyers, including advocates and attorneys, which will translate into a better and more cost effective service to the public.
  • Assistance to previously disadvantaged individuals to enter the profession without having undue barriers of entry placed in their way.
  • Campaigning for an accessible legal system.
  • Provision of support to advocates.
  • Belief in the freedom to practice.

These principles translate in the benefits of becoming a member of the NBCSA

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  1. Evolution of the National Bar Council of South Africa

(a) Formation of the Independent Association of Advocates of South Africa

In 1994 a group of 50 advocates from all over South Africa gathered in Pretoria to discuss the shortcomings in the structure of the advocate’s profession as well as the broader legal profession. Advocates were feeling constrained by the rigours of the existing single Bar.  The main issues discussed were the accessibility of the legal profession to the public, the provision of support to advocates who were not members of any Bar and the provision of a flexible yet structured environment for those advocates who did not want to become members of an existing Bar.

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The NBCSA past Chairpersons and Vice Chairpersons since the founding of the bar in 1994.

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