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Honorary Members


Honorary members are elected by the Executive Council who then puts the proposal to the Annual General Meeting, per the NBCSA Constitution.

NBCSA has ten honorary members:

1) A.S.van der Spuy S.C. (known to the members as Attie van der Spuy). He was a member of the Executive Committee in 1994 and 1995. SC status was conferred on him in 1964 and he was awarded honorary membership of IAASA in 1998.

Adv Attie Van Der Spuy was one of the founder members of IAASA. He was one of the first senior counsels to join IAASA. Attie passed away in 2010 but will be remembered for his good judgments that were reported whilst acting as judge in Venda.

2) M.A. Bulbulia S.C. He was a member of the Executive Committee from 1994 to 1998. He was Vice Chairman from 1996 to 1998. He was an Honorary Professor at Law as well as President of the Industrial Court up to 1998. He was awarded Honorary member status of IAASA in 1998. He was the second person of colour in South Africa to sit on an Executive Bar council. (The first was Adv Ike Tholoe, who was vice chair person of IAASA in 1994 and 1995 .)

3) J De Freitas (known to the members as Quim de Freitas) has been an Executive Member from 1995. He was Secretary and Treasurer from 1996 to 1999. He became an Honorary member in 2003. The case of De Freitas is well known as a test case in the principled question as to whether advocates may accept work directly from the public. The judgement went against Quim and IAASA (now NBCSA) abides by the court’s ruling but the debate is not finished . Quim is practicing in Durban.

4) A Klein (known to members as Adam Klein). Adam Klein is the NBCSA’s unsung hero and will be remembered for his staunch support of the rule of law, righteousness and justice for all. Adam Klein was awarded honorary membership in 2003. He passed away on 2 July 2011

5) M Klein (known to the members as Mattie) was a founder member and the first chairperson of IAASA from 1994-1999. He was awarded an honorary membership in 2003. He contributed to the pupillage programme by making a DVD on advocacy and compiling a manual on Advocacy. Mattie is still in charge of the pupillage programme and is currently practicing in Pretoria. He remains active in National Executive Committee of NBCSA. He is also a representative of NBCSA in the National Forum on the legal profession in terms section 96 of the Legal Practice Act

6) Davey Anthony (Member Exco from 1994 to 1999, Honorary member 2014) He helped with the formation of the Bar and then stayed on as a member. Tony has a very successful tax practice. Throughout his membership Tony has assisted the Gauteng region in organising and hosting the Regional meetings.  His valuable input through the years including not missing an AGM is now rewarded with honorary status.

7) Goodford Denton (Vice chair 1997-2001, Honorary Member 2014) He served as Vice Chair for many years, he is the first coloured person to serve on an Executive in South Africa. He is no longer involved in litigation having become a successful businessman but proved himself a man of zeal when he served as Vice Chair of the Association.

8) Ramashia, E R “Rams” (Member of Exco 1994 to 1999, Honorary member 2014) He was a pioneer who started the NBCSA with Adv. Mathew Klein in 1994.He was also present when the Honourable Minister of Justice Mr Dullah Omar congratulated erstwhile IAASA on the formation of a new Bar at the Congress for Access to Justice in 1994.

9) Tholoe Ike (Vice chair 1994-1998, Honorary member NBCSA 2014) He was the first person of colour to serve on the Bar Association’s executive and served faithfully through the founding years!

10) Bafobekhaya Victor Lizalise Momoti ( commonly known as Bafo) has been a member of the National Executive Committee from 2011 to present. In 2011 he served as the Disciplinary Officer. From 2012 to present he has served as the Deputy Chairperson of the NBCSA. He has played a pivotal role in establishing the Western Cape Region of the NBCSA. With his wealth of knowledge on parliamentary law, he played a role in keeping the NEC as well as members of the NBCSA abreast on parliamentary processes and developments pertaining to legislation as well as the Legal Practice Bill (now the Legal Practice Act). Bafo is currently a Legal Consultant in the National Council of Provinces, one of the two Houses of Parliament. Before joining the public service he was in private practice.