Maintaining the true spirit of an independent legal profession


Principles of the NBCSA


The National Bar Council of South Africa (formerly known as IAASA), is a voluntary association and was formed to promote the following principles:

  • Encouraging healthy competition between lawyers, including advocates and attorneys, which will translate into a better and more cost effective service to the public.
  • Assistance to previously disadvantaged individuals to enter the profession without having undue barriers of entry placed in their way.
  • Campaigning for an accessible legal system.
  • Provision of support to advocates.
  • Belief in the freedom to practice.

These principles translate in the benefits of becoming a member of the NBCSA

Benefits of becoming a member of NBCSA



  • Strong support structure (at national and provincial level)
  • Emphasis on developing and promoting business acumen amongst members
  • Benefit booklet on how to run a practice (Coming soon)
  • Fully interactive website with dedicated member section


  • More convenient way of training  – modern distance education
  • Ongoing legal training
  • Practice whilst doing pupillage – earn while you learn.
  • Recognition of prior learning and experience with regard to pupillage.


  • Recognized professional body
  • Access to influential decision making in the body – approachable executive.
  • Recognition of seniority and opportunity to develop to senior counsel status & judge.
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