ANNEXURE A – LPC duties before and after 31 October 2018

TASKS OF THE LPC (after election)

1.Immediately after establishment of the LPC

  • Appoint Chairperson, Deputy, EXCO and staff
  • Adopt the transfer agreements with the Law Societies
  • Register for VAT
  • Open bank accounts
  • Adopt the Rules
  • Elect the Provincial Councils (PCs)


2.Before the transfer date ito s120(4) – 3 months?

  • Arrange for buildings, infrastructure, staff and funding for the PCs
  • Establish committees – both LPC and PCs
  • Identify which of the existing committees of the Law Societies should be retained in order to continue to function for a transitional period
  • Put all systems in place
  • Revise the functions of the PCs already in the Regulations, if necessary
  • Accredit PVT service providers
  • Agreements with service providers
  • Adopt the Code of Conduct (ito s36)
  • Arrange the transfer of work in progress from the Law Societies and Advocates structures


3. After the transfer date and the Act becomes fully applicable ito s120(4)

  • In general, perform the functions listed in s6
  • Update database
  • Levy subscriptions
  • Invest funds
  • Formatting the certificates of attendance to be issued by the Practical Law Schools, to provide for attendance before and after the effective date.
  • Adopt a policy on the attendance of Practical Law Schools by persons who do not qualify to be admitted as a LPs ito s24(2)(b)(i) or (ii).
  • Decide whether to continue with non-regulatory litigation taken over from Law Societies
  • Revise and fine-tune processes
  • Revise Rules
  • Revise Code of Conduct
  • Advise Minister on Regulations that require amendment, if necessary
  • Initiate amendments to Act, if necessary
  • Advise the Minister on community service (s94(1)(f)), admission of foreign LPs (s95(1)(j)), limited liability legal practices, MDPs and Paralegals (s34(9))
  • Liaison with LPFF on conducting of inspections and related matters
  • Submission of input on fees to SALRC (s35(2))
  • Assistance with the establishment of the office of, and liaison with the Ombud
  • Submit annual report to the Minister.