Adv. Rufus Onovo

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I am an Advocate, practising actively in the fields of criminal, civil and general laws. I hold a Fidelity Fund Certificate (FFC) as contemplated in section 34(b) of the Legal Practice Act, 28 of 2014 ("the Act"). This simply means that the members of the public are so free to approach me directly with all their legal challenges... 24/7! I am always a phone call or even a single whatsapp chat away from my clients except of course when I am occupied in court. My clients are my pride!

My office is at the 4th Floor of Schreiner Chambers. Schreiner Chambers is boldly situated directly opposite the Johannesburg High Court. Stories such as that a client's matter was stood down or postponed because the advocate in the matter is running late to court or being held up in a terrible traffic do not apply with Advocate Onovo.


Telephone: +27113330180

Cell: +27735207426



LL.B (Witwatersrand) / All Legal Affairs Practitioner



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94 PRITCHARD STREET, Johannesburg GP 2000, ZA