Adv. Kgaogelo Letswalo

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I am an advocate with experience in personal injury claims, urgent applications. My practice comprises mainly of personal injury claims spanning from Unlawful arrest, Negligence by Police/Health, RAF and PRASA matters. I have a special interest in Banking Law relating to exchange control regulations and deposit taking.



I from time to time appear in the Labour Courts and Criminal courts.


Telephone: +27123484538

Cell: +27671544722



LLB(UL) LLM, Cert Inv Fin. Crime(UP) Central International Banking(SARB)


Administrative Law, Banking, Cheque and Financial Services Law, Contract Law, Criminal Law, Family Law, General Practice, Immigration and Refugee Law, Indigenous and Traditional Law, Insolvency Law, Labour Law, Medical and Medical Negligence Law

Date of Admission

26 Nov 2015


Vista Law Chambers, 406 Vista Dr, Faerie Glen, Pretoria., Pretoria 0008